SCULLION: A Dishwasher's Guide to Mistaken Identity middle grade graphic novel

SCULLION: A Dishwasher’s Guide to Mistaken Identity

SCULLION: A Dishwasher's Guide to Mistaken Identity middle grade graphic novel

In celebrity-obsessed Timberwood Village, the great warrior Riqa is an icon who’s about to throw the wedding of the century, and local teens Darlis and Mae are just two humble dishwashers. Until, that is, Riqa mysteriously disappears and an unsuspecting Darlis is mistaken for her! It seems like an honest mistake, until two troll siblings want to capture and hold him for ransom, with Mae getting caught in the mix-up. To get out of this predicament, these dishwashers will have to get their hands a little dirty. Armed with only their wits and Riqa’s book, The Fair Maiden’s Guide to Eating Your Captor for Breakfast, can Darlis and Mae give their captors a run for their money?

As quirky and fresh as a DnD campaign with your best friends. Scullion is a genre-bending fantasy of the best kind.” – Ashley Poston,  best-selling author of Geekerella.

Scullion is the adventure story I always craved as a kid; it’s full of laughter and heart. Jarad has created a fully realized world and filled it with the goofy, sweet and fiery characters. I plan to throw this book into the hands of any kid who comes near me.” – Tillie Walden, Eisner award-winning author of Spinning.

“Scullion romps through its medieval setting with humor, surprises, and a positive attitude. Uplifting and entertaining.” – Foreword Reviews

“This lighthearted, inclusive adventure will be a surefire hit with fans of irreverent fantasy.” – Booklist (American Library Association)

“A pleasant fantasy.” – Kirkus Review

“In many ways, this is a story of mistaken identity causing comedy, which goes all the way back to Shakespeare (and earlier!). What makes this book stand out, apart from Greene’s art, is the sly way he subverts gender and gender expectations.” – Rob Clough on High-Low

Available NOW from Oni Press! Order from your favorite bookstore, comic shop, or library today!

Interview with The Center for Cartoon Studies about getting Scullion published.

Cast of Creators – In Focus UofSC Spotlight


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